Online Financing Really Works

There are many options open to our customers to secure their dream car, including the chance to use the internet to secure financing for a chosen vehicle. In the 21st century, we are all looking to use the internet to make life easier, including the use of an online financing application more and more of our customers are using to secure the car they have chosen from our physical and online lot.

Online financing applications are becoming more common here at Mac Haik Ford with our DeSoto customers who use this option to cut down on their waiting time in…
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Expectations Are Reached With OEM Parts from Mac Haik Ford

There are certainly many parts stores in DeSoto where you could purchase replacement parts for your vehicle, but chances are very good that you’re not going to find original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts.

It’s central to the operation of your vehicle that replacement parts match the specifications designed by your vehicle manufacturer for consistent and high-level performance. Generic brands, or also known as aftermarket brands, are not produced to the same high standard as OEM parts.

General speaking, aftermarket brands also don’t last as long...
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Traveling with Pets is Much Easier in an SUV

Traveling with your pets can be a fun experience, made even easier with the right SUV. Keeping your pets safe and secure while traveling is always important, especially for our staff members at Mac Haik Ford in DeSoto, TX. Here are some tips to make traveling with your pets as safe as possible:

  • Ensure pets are properly secured in a seat belt or pet carrier
  • Always have pets properly identified with identification tags
  • Make sure your pet is up to date on shots
  • Bring a portable water dish with fresh water
  • Never leave a pet unattended in a vehicle
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A Basic Comparison Between Different Types of Tires

Most drivers are usually confused on whether to get all-season tires or specific tires such as winter and summer tires. At Mac Haik Ford, we like to educate our clients so that they can make an informed decision with all the facts at hand. No matter where you call home in the DeSoto, TX area, you can expect this knowledge to extend the longevity of your preferred set of tires.

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Ford Releases Full Details For Gas-Powered 2018 F-150 Models

Where the most popular midsize sedans sell 300,000 units or more in a year, over 820,000 examples of the F-150 were sold last year. That makes it the bestselling vehicle in America, and made the mid-cycle changes to the 2018 Ford F-150 that much more important. Now, reviewers are sampling the gas-powered versions—the full specs having just been released—and are quite impressed.

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What Should You Do Immediately After an Accident?

Getting into a car crash can be one of the most emotionally rattling events in a person's life. You would rather hope it will never happen to you, but statistically speaking, the average driver will be involved in three or four accidents in their life.

The vast majority of accidents are minor, and involve little more than a call to the insurance company over a broken side mirror, scraped paint, or…

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Autotrader Lists Hottest Cars of Summer 2017

Autotrader recently put together a list of the top ten vehicles with the most research activity on their site to let us all know what the hottest cars of summer 2017 look like.

The verdict?

The intrepid Ford F-150 tops the list, making it Autotrader's hottest car.

This doesn't really surprise us at Mac Haik Ford; the Ford F-150 holds this title for good reason. The Ford F-Series celebrates 40 consecutive years as America's best-selling trucks this year, so this is just one more well-deserved accolade in a long list of awards.

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