A Basic Comparison Between Different Types of Tires

Most drivers are usually confused on whether to get all-season tires or specific tires such as winter and summer tires. At Mac Haik Ford, we like to educate our clients so that they can make an informed decision with all the facts at hand. No matter where you call home in the DeSoto, TX area, you can expect this knowledge to extend the longevity of your preferred set of tires.

  • Winter Tires: These have deep treads for traction, flexible rubber and biting ends. The pattern of the treads is also unique to provide added traction and prevent the buildup of snow. They provide excellent control of the vehicle during winter.
  • Summer Tires: These tires are built for maximum performance of a car during summer. They provide good grip on the road and are useful in braking on dry or wet road surfaces.
  • All-season Tires: These have been designed to deliver relatively good performance all year round. They provide less traction in winter as compared to winter tires and less grip in summer as compared to the summer tires.

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