Why the 2018 Ford Fusion Is One of the More Popular Midsize Sedans

Many people choose to place a midsize sedan in their garage because it's a roomy car that can hold the entire family, yet it's still fairly fuel efficient. One of the more popular cars in this category is the 2018 Ford Fusion, which offers a variety of performance features.

Available with a gas engine, hybrid engine or a plug-in hybrid, this car lets you choose between power, fuel efficiency or both. The V6 Sport trim features a 2.7-liter turbocharged V6 gas engine that puts out 325 horsepower, ensuring you can easily merge on the highway and accelerate promptly when needed. The intelligent all-wheel drive feature uses sensors to balance torque between the rear and front wheels so that you get maximum traction and superior handling. Intelligent all-wheel-drive transmissions are usually included on the V6 Sport, SE, Titanium and Platinum trim levels.

The 2018 Ford Fusion comes in many trim levels, so you can find a car that best suits you. If you're interested in a test drive, visit Mac Haik Ford today.
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