When you get behind the wheel of a Ford Mustang, you can feel the power of the motor and the comfort of the seat. Although the Mustang is a noted sports car, it's a vehicle that's been designed so that has the latest styles from the grille to the spoiler as well.

As soon as you sit in one of the front seats, you're wrapped on each side as they have been designed to resemble those that you would find in a cockpit. The steering wheel is positioned just right so that it fits gently in your hands, allowing you to maneuver all of the curves of the roads in DeSoto.

When you walk around the vehicle, you'll notice the sleek design along the bottom and the detailed curvature of the top. Since the car sits lower to the ground, the aerodynamics have been improved, making it easier to handle curves or straight stretches of road. Mac Haik Ford often offers assistance in adjusting seats and other details for the ultimate driving experience.



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