The Ford F-150 Can Handle Anything

Whether you’re looking for a truck that you can take to work nearby or around the country on your own personal adventures, the Ford F-150 can be a smart choice. It has a spacious, comfortable cabin, modern features on the inside and out, and plenty of horsepower under the hood.

As an improvement to previous model years of the F-150, the 2018 version is stronger yet lighter. This is due to the use of military-grade aluminum alloy that’s been heat treated through a special process. The alloy is used in the cab and bed, resulting in a more…

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Ford EcoSport Feature: Technology

At Mac Haik Ford, our staff is proud to feature the Ford EcoSport as one of our most popular compact SUVs. With a combination of advanced technology and a sleek design, the Ford EcoSport is setting a high bar for the compact SUV market.

Combining both convenience and simplicity, the SYNC 3 touchscreen device built into the dashboard of the EcoSport enables you to connect your smartphone or other device to the car's computer, so that you can control the phone through the voice recognition or touchscreen display. The SYNC 3 is compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android…

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New Ford Focus Electric Useful Performance Features

The all-new Ford Focus Electric is a compact EV that is exploding in popularity this year. These are only a sampling of the countless features you'll appreciate in the car.

When you are trying to make your way up a large hill, especially from a dead stop, you don't want to risk rolling backward when you move from the brake pedal to gas pedal. The Ford Focus Electric has the Hill Start Assist feature to make certain your vehicle gets a little boost up the hill so you never worry again about rolling back.

The Ford Focus Electric…
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Ford Fusion Energi and the Safety and Performance Features

The Ford Fusion Energi is a popular plug-in hybrid because it has performance features that actually double as safety features too. These are a few of those features that are keeping people safer on the roads.

One of the ways the new Ford Fusion Energi is keeping drivers safer on the road is by making use of the anti-lock braking system. This vehicle can stop efficiently, but it will never put the passengers in harm's way because the braking power is distributed in different amounts on the wheels so there is no lock-up.



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Taking a Better Look at the Ford Edge Technology Features

The new Ford Edge continues to be a popular midsize SUV that is turning heads once again. These are a couple of the technology features drivers come to appreciate.

The Edge comes with the Lane-Keeping System that is scanning the road surface lane lines to make sure the vehicle is not drifting. When the car begins to cross those lines without the use of the turn signals, the steering wheel vibrates in an effort to get the driver to pay closer attention and correct the vehicle before it drifts too far.

The new Edge also has the Cross-Traffic Alert feature…
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Design Features of the Ford Taurus Drivers Appreciate

The new Ford Taurus has become a popular full-size sedan because of the many design features unique to this vehicle. Here are two design features on the Taurus you'll appreciate.

The new Taurus comes with the HID Headlamps, designed to make your car stand out but to help keep you safe on the roads too. The lights are more visible to other drivers, and they will automatically turn on when the windshield wipers are turned on or when driving in low-light settings.

The new Taurus has LED Taillamps too. These lights are much brighter than the lights you see…
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2 Helpful Technology Features of the Ford Transit Connect

The Ford Transit Connect is a popular cargo van and passenger wagon that some business owners find useful for transporting goods. It has several technology features to assist with safe driving. Two of these helpful features are the forward and reverse sensing systems and the rear view camera.

The forward and reverse sensing systems alert you to objects when you are moving the car forward or backwards at a slow speed. As the cargo van comes closer to an object, the system beeps faster. Whenever you put the car in reverse...

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What is a full-size matching spare tire?

Your vehicle comes with an owner’s manual. A quick glance at the manual informs you of the tire size recommendation for your vehicle. Your full-size spare tire, often bolted inside your trunk, is a tire in that size already installed on a replica of the wheels your car uses on its regular tires.

When you are equipped with a full-size spare tire, you have an actual spare of the same model and make of the tire recommended for your vehicle by the manufacturer. The advantage of replacing one tire with the same tire is obvious. However, the wheel is…

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Ford Explorer Has Power That is Built for Fun

In a word, the Ford Explorer is breathtaking when it comes to performance. As one of the most popular full-size SUVs ever, the Explorer has long been a favorite of DeSoto drivers as it allows you to play hard wherever you're looking to go.

When you buy an Explorer, you get a choice of two Ford EcoBoost® engines as well as a 3.5L Ti-VCT V6 engine to provide power to your vehicle. The EcoBoost® engines come in a V6 3.5-liter version while a sturdy 365 horsepower and torque that measures 350 lb.-ft. With the 2.3-liter…

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With the Ford C-Max, Its What’s Inside That Counts

For some, the incredible advances in-car entertainment over the last few years is incredible. They remember the days of the patchy AM car radio, then the upgrade to the FM radio. They remember the 8-track and the cassettes. Now you can connect to satellites to music or stream. You can observe your car’s performance and the incoming weather. To some, that is a staggering advance.

Coming standard in the Ford C-Max Hybrid is a six-speaker system, A Sync voice-recognition system, and a rear-view camera, all of which were dreams for drivers in the sixties and seventies. The SYNC 3…

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