Plenty of Advanced Features are Present in the Ford Escape

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Plenty Of Advanced Features Are Present In The Ford Escape
Plenty Of Advanced Features Are Present In The Ford Escape Lifestyle
One of the main reasons drivers continue to purchase the Ford Escape is because the advanced features enhance its capability on the road. The compact SUV comes with auto start-stop technology to ensure you can have an efficient ride. The engine immediately turns off when you’re stopped at a light or a stop sign. This helps save more on fuel and reduces the cost to own the car.

The Ford Escape is also built to tow up to 3,500 pounds when it’s properly equipped, which allows it to deliver more strength than similar models in the industry. The EcoBoost engine even comes with an eight-speed automatic transmission to deliver shifting that feels seamless.

All-Wheel Drive Disconnect is another feature that contributes to the Escape’s versatility and is designed to enhance the efficiency of the vehicle by reducing drag as the car is in motion.

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